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Christmas tree in Goodfellas (a white one)

  • 23-09-2020 8:21pm
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    I bought a white Christmas tree! And want to decorate it like the tree in Goodfellas.

    If you google Christmas tree in Goodfellas you will see it. Purpley/pink decorations only. To my mind they look like the ones that have thread on them??

    Any suggestions of what kind of decorations would look best and most similar?

    Any links to a good online selection? It needs to ship international (not Ireland)

    Thank you in advance!

    Ps. Anyone else out there got a white tree?? Any advice? What way do you decorate it?! Any pics?!


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    I just googled it there!
    You'd probably get similar colours if you shopped around but a lot of it would be personal taste.
    This is a relative's one!