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Tennis in Cork

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    Registered Users Posts: 636 spiderdan

    Hi, I am interested in joining a tennis club in
    Cork City, I have narrowed it down to Douglas, Blackrock, Ballinlough. If anyone had any thoughts on these clubs I would love to hear them, thanks


  • All good, not much between them for facilities. ST Michaels and Ballinlough have new courts recently, not sure about Douglas, they may have had theirs done as well. Lights in Douglas go off at 10pm every night too, if you're a night owl. Check their website for membership rates, have a look at Facebook pages for activities such as coaching, club nights etc. You also have Lakewood in Ballincollig who have a nice set-up and Garryduff in Rochestown. Call around in the evenings and see if there is anyone you can talk to about the club, and what they have on offer.

    Andif you need a racquet or any tennis equipment give me a shout.

  • Hi Spiderdan,

    Did you proceed with joining a club? If so, would you mind updating us.

    I want to start playing tennis, living in that part of the city.

    Any tennis experts on here? I'm wondering how many lessons I would need to be able to play a game with another beginner. I'm starting from scratch really. Would have played very casually as a teen, 25 years ago.

  • Tennis these days should be coached on the principles of getting people to Serve, rally and score as quickly as possible. Technique comes in then as you develop, If you’ve played before you should pick it up again pretty quickly. They may start you off on orange or green balls first which bounce less than normal balls. You would normally be hitting back and forward on the court from the first lesson.

  • Thanks whiterebel. Appreciate the reply