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Charlie Eastwood wins his class at Le Mans - (and other Irish drivers results)

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    Fabulous achievement to win in any category at Le Mans whether it's in first place overall or in a class. I think Charlie is only the third person from any part of Ireland to manage this, the first two being Paddy Hopkirk back in 1963 and Jonny Kane in 2010 - all Northern Ireland drivers!

    Charlie drove really, really well all night in his Aston Martin and even beat the factory Aston Martin team. He kept his act together, as did his co-drivers and the result was the win in his class and 24th overall.

    He's in contention now for the World Title at Bahrain in November.

    Nobody seems to be aware of any of this outside of petrol head circles so it's worth mentioning I think!

    Other Irish drivers didn't fare as well, except for Andrew Watson who came in 5th behind Eastwood, in the same class, in his Porsche.

    Ryan Cullen's car went out during the night with electrical problems and Matt Griffin in the Ferrari went out with car problems very early.