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Student Accommodation Available Dublin 1

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    Hey All- I represent a Hotel Chain in Dublin and we are offering acc to students.

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    Congratulations to all students returning to college or going for the first time! Most #exciting time of life, and enjoy every minute of it!

    ~ Want to stay in the city while studying without the hefty price tag?
    ~ Worried about paying rent in a lump sum?
    ~ Afraid to be tied into a year’s rental contract?
    ~ Want to know your child is safe and secure?
    ~ Want all the advantages of living at home with free wifi, homecooked breakfast, dinner, and no additional charges?

    We have the perfect solution for you at our Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Center, on O’Connell Street.
    ~ Unlock prices to suit your budget and food needs, Bed & Breakfast and Dinner Bed & Breakfast
    ~ Unlock discounts in our coffee shop, for them long days/ nights
    ~ Unlock freedom

    Get in touch with Khristina Ridge today on [email protected] to find out more!

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