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Treadmill power supply question

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    Ok so have this Cybex 530t treadmill at home, sourced 2nd hand here in ireland and meant to have been well refurbished and all that.

    problem is

    most I can get out of it in one day is about 3km and that is with very gradual increases in speed up to a maximum of 9kmph.

    If the speed is increased too quick and too high it stops completely. When that 3km distance or thereabouts is reached, it trips the power circuit switches for the room it is.
    Any further attempts to use it after that eventually results in the entire house power being shut off.

    its possible theres an issue with the thing itself, but im wondering something simple. like would there be an issue with the treadmill power not matching up with the supply, circuits and all that here if it had originated in the States . Seen similar problems with welders and other such power guzzlers


  • with the sort of issue you describe I would think the most likely problem is with the motor windings breaking down as they get hot, if you got a guarantee go back to the supplier as these motors dont come cheap

  • Thank you

    Whether thats a small problem to fix or not i dont know. The refurbisher said when i was buying it was commercial standard ready so I'd like to be thinking they cared for most of the important stuff with it. That commercial ready would be surely good enough then for the home.

    going to look into the voltage issue soon too. A US original only takes 110v, so if it is from the states which i think it is, then it's using double that in ireland. im hoping this is the issue with it as a bought in fairly good faith and have only started using it lately

  • Unless it is dual voltage, you will probably need a transformer. As well as voltage, US use 50Hz current, we use 60Hz (or vice-versa). Don't run it again until you have checked all this.

  • Did you buy this in the states? if not it should have been supplied to run on 230 ac, if i remember correctly i think they are fitted with dc motors controlled by a pcb etc

  • I bought in here in Ireland but that was from a guy who refurbishes gym equipment so i didn't know where he originally got it from. his t and c's are nothing special but that's the trade off with it

    Was talking to a electrician last few days he said if the voltage didn't match up anyway it would have blown a board or something right away, the second i switched it on so that debunks that.

    I did a vaccuum job on inside and it was fine for my bit of a run today without major pressure on it. It's moody so to speak

    one bit though from that seller was he did say to me to use it "to keep it young" whatever he meant. Using it to keep myself young alright but what's with it young??

    strange one but wherever it comes from originally and what it went through compared to me using it now are 2 different worlds

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  • One other noticeable thing is whenever there's anything on, i.e on the same circuit as the treadmill it trips that circuit almost straight away and everything on it goes. nothing else on with it this evening and it was more or less perfect.

    Does it, or do these things need their own dedicated circuit, id imagine so but dont know if that will make much difference. the seller wasnt going to tell me of this or else would probably put me off the sale.