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Sleep consultant/training experiences - baby won’t stay in their bed

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    Anyone used a sleep consultant lately? Would be good to hear How you found it.

    We have a very strong willed 10 month old and they are winning the bedtime battle. Lack of sleep is killing us!


  • We had a great one in Cork (1 1/2 years ago, roughly) , but I'm sure she would work with you remotely. PM me for the number.

  • horgan_p wrote: »
    We had a great one in Cork (1 1/2 years ago, roughly) , but I'm sure she would work with you remotely. PM me for the number.

    Thanks I DM’d you.

  • Never had one but followed the Gina Ford method (with a few tweaks) for both kids and they sleep grand.. Might be worth taking a look at most of these consultants will just tell you the same thing

  • My twins wouldn’t stay in their cots at that age either. I co-slept with them until the age of two. It was the best thing for us all to get most sleep. They are three now and sleep all night in their own beds.

    I follow the gentle sleep book on fb and so far everything she’s said has been right. They will sleep through eventually if you support them when they need it as infants.

  • I heard a lot about the Ferber method for sleep training for babies, but honestly, I didn't use it for my son. However, I had used swings method when my son was looking dozy and about to sleep. It is helpful, especially if you have a swing seat, but without a swing seat, you should go with crib option. With a crib, you can also go with the chair method.

    Yes, according to the chair method mom or dad has to sit near the crib on a chair and need to wait when the baby would sleep. I had tried this one when my son was around 8 months. I was using a sleeping pod like this to give him the right comfort and place him in the crib with the sleeping nest. His sleeping time was around 8 pm, but I started applying this method around 7:30 because the baby takes time to sleep with the help of this method. In this way, your infant could also cry, and you would have to watch him by sitting in front of him.

    But, I can't say your baby would adopt the same approach or not because I noticed all kids are different from each other. Probably, this article could also be helpful for you to know more about sleeping techniques and tips to sleep a 9-10 months baby. Withal, if you still want to go with sleep consultant option, then Kelly Geoghegan could be a better option.

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  • I found the Lucy Wolfe book fantastic but you have to follow it exactly, I believe she does 1-1 sessions.

    In the end do what works for you, I would have been happy to co-sleep if that meant we all got some rest but our boys are impossible to sleep beside as they would kick you to bits.

    Best of luck, and remember that it will get better, I know it doesn't feel like it now but it will.