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What is you view on CO2

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    Hi all
    Setup my new tank about 6 months ago and at the time I was thinking about adding CO2 to it however as I have no experience with it I had a bit of reading to do first. Setup the tank and ordered plants to start, gave it about 4 weeks before I added a few guppies and anothe few weeks for boesemani rainbow. I ordered 2 LED light spot lights 15W from amazon that are dimable. now i don't think I need any CO2 as the plants are doing great.

    Anyone know the name of the plant with what looks like a small flower about to open in the pic attached?

    I now have some Rainbow fry, job to get them into the trap so I can feed them microworms.


  • CO2 will benefit the plants but and thats a big but, Do you have time for maintenance of the plants.

    With the setup of plants you have in your aquarium you will be trimming on on a weekly bases and its easy for plants to get out of control.

    To really benefit from CO2 you need to take into account:

    Quality Lighting

    Quality Substrate

    Quality Fertilisers

    You also have imo background plants in the foreground.

    I would suggest if you were to move to High Tech aquarium setup you would need to redo your whole aquarium setup

    When I was using Co2 I used carpeting plants in the front and larger plants in the back.

  • yes I have some larger plants to the front but that was how I wanted it.

    Can you show some pics of you tank so I can see what you mean?