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Condenser Vs Vented Dryer

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    We're buying a new dryer and considering switching from our old vented to a condenser.

    Our current machine was a bog standard budget vented one that we have for 10 years and it owes us nothing. To be honest, I don't know how it's still going...!!! We have an outlet for the vent but it is a bit awkward and the condenser would be a lot neater.

    We have a very busy house with 5 kids playing sport/school uniforms etc so we'd probably do an average of 2 washing machine loads a day. Clothes would normally be dried on clothes horses etc and only finished in the dryer for 15-30 minutes.

    My biggest fear with the condenser dryer is that it won't dry stuff as fast as the vented one and that those few hours that you get at the weekend when you want to power through a load of washing, you're left waiting for ages for every load.

    I'd be interested to hear anyone's experience of a condenser dryer for a family, especially if you had been using a traditional vented one previously.