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Help to Draw inside of image or create clipping mask, please.

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    The draw inside option is not available and making a clipping mask is not working. Can you help, please?

    I want the image (Roy) to contain the rust image in the background. How can I achieve this, please?


  • As in, the 'Roy' text is filled with the rust texture instead of solid black? If so you could:
    • Open Photoshop, place 'Roy' on one layer and the texture on a layer below.
    • On the 'Roy' layer, magic wand tool around the solid black (and inside the closed parts of the R and O)
    • Switch to the rust layer and backspace/delete that area
    • Delete the 'Roy' layer and save as JPEG, or PNG/TIFF/PDF if you want a transparent background and depending if it's being used in print or on screen.