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Best Refillable Pod Vape?

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    Hi Folks,

    Been using my Caliburn Uwell vape for about 5 months and it's nearly giving up the ghost.

    I'm lazy so don't like messing around with coils etc. What is the general consensus of the best pod vape that is refillable?

    Need to get my current pods from the UK which takes time so would be good to get them in Ireland but not having much luck googling.



  • The Caliburn was the first Pod I tried [generally an RTA/SO tank vaper] Just wanted something pocketable/stealthy on side. It was ok, but the battery was awful. Needed it to at least last for a couple breaks in work [plus to and from work] but it was often dead before end of day. You'd want two of them really - it also started to fall apart after a while - the fire button came loose, then fell off, so I had to dig my nail into a hole to fire it up lol.

    When it comes to Pods I don't want to arse about with rebuilding, but I don't mind changing a coil. it really is no different [on the right device] to changing the whole pod [less waste] - Atm I have the Aspire Breeze NXT. very neat device, decent enough flavor [I would say better than the Caliburn] and lasts at least twice as long. You get the one pod and 2 coils in the pack, and the coils pretty much just slide into the pod. You hold on to the pod and dispose of the coils. I got a second Pod when I was ordering coils and now I can switch pods, have different juice in them and only need to order packs of coils.

    Got mine from Hale Vape, Irish based, delivery was within a couple days.

    Free shipping with that as it's over €30

    Forgot to add, the device has a neat side air control wheel too.

    Mike Vapes will show you better than I can explain:

    You can see in that review it is no more hassle than changing pods when they're done