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Moving to northern ireland from uk

  • 24-08-2020 9:34am
    Registered Users Posts: 2 akira053

    Hi all

    I am moving to the north west region or northern Ireland with my my partner and 2 kids. My partner is from Donegal so wants to be close to family but I need to remain in the uk to keep my job, hence the move to northern Ireland. The problem is we have no idea what a good area would be for our family. My kids and partner are catholic, I am not. We want to live somewhere that's forward thinking with good schools for the kids. Our annual income is probably around 80-90k and I may need to occasionally commute to belfast for my job

    I would really appreciate any suggestions anyone may have so i can start looking into potential areas. Any suggestions on any nice areas with nice people?


  • With that sort of income you can buy or rent a house pretty much anywhere in the city. You will get more value in the waterside of the city, but you will be further from the city centre and further from Donegal. In saying that, you would be closer to the train/bus stop for a trip to Belfast or would save a bit of time if driving. The Culmore Road area would be the most sought after part of the city and it would have a mix of catholic and protestant so no worries if you aren't from here. There's plenty of large detached homes in the area as well as newer semi-detached family homes.

    The area out the Buncrana Road (Templegrove, Whitehouse Park, The Branch) would be a good choice as well. It's just near the border and handy for schools and shops etc as well.

    Are you planning to send the kids to a Catholic school? There's only a handful of non-denominational primary schools just. That might influence your choice.