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meeting someone new these days?

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    bad enough being set in my ways but with the general lack of social outlets and the imagined lingering eye contact of distant female colleagues, im struggling as an oppressed single white straight middle class male.

    the ennui is palpable, the malaise is tangible, one could almost make a randy despair sandwich with it if one wasnt so cathoholically inclined.

    im sure there's a nichce, there must be certain amount of people out here that u kno, happen to, for one reason or another, 'fall between the stools' as they say.

    but being a person of humble ambition, working our jobs, helping our families and generally trying not to be a naked ravin loon, how does one socialise in these new heightening times, this so called new normal (nothing new about it, every generation in life thinks it invented itself and its issues, eh hello the great wheel turned before, it turns during and it will turn after)

    so with that in mind, im probably writing in the wrong window, this should have been another notepad file, and im actually genuinely wondering how people are meeting people these days, like dating and meeting potential partners?

    there could be a covid speed dating format? just a lonely (horny) thought