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Can I ask you guys about a Graphics Tablet ??


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    Same here, I'm just researching ones to buy so I'd also appreciate the advice.

    I do a lot of art on paper, upload and integrate to digital for editing and I'm looking to start out doing digital art from scratch. I'm not sure what to expect at all. Will there be pretty much seamless upload from the tablet to the laptop as though you drew directly onto the screen :D? Can you have it so the graphics tablet is automatically uploading what you are drawing??

    I gave no idea what to look for but I get the hang of even the sh!ttest technology and manage away fine... It would be just like me to be struggling along for years with rubbish rudimentary tech only to discover I was ripped off and there are way easier ways of doing things with slightly better spec equipment.

    What kind of precision do you get with the stylus? Do they come with features enabling you to fill areas with colour? What the hell even is a graphics tablet like :p

    All and any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I would suggest you Krita because it has user-friendly interface, built-in vector tools and great resonance management features. If I talk about the tablet then your one is also looking good as Amazon gave it Amazon's Choice badge but it also depends on your budget. Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Book 3 could also be good options.

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