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Any Bodyboarders around Sligo/Donegal?

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    Hi all,

    First post here, good to be a member after following for so long.

    Im new to bodyboarding and wanted to get some advice for the best locations around Donegal /Sligo.

    Main concerns are

    1) An area with more bodyboarders than surfers ideally.
    2) Areas without rocks and strong currents
    3) Car park close to the starting point

    Im thinking Tullan Strand but I read about strong currents there and I dont want to expose my son to unnecessary danger.

    I would also be intested in any bodyboarding school in this area.

    Thanks in advance.



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    There is a surf school in Strandhill run by a very experienced board border "Sligo Surf Experience"

    You could go to Rossnowlagh beach or Enniscrone both good beaches with little to no rocks.

    Boardboarding is very popular in Strandhill so maybe contact the club. It's a adventure sport so it comes with a risk

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    In Tullan as with many classic crescent shaped bays, the most consistent rip current will be close to headland.

    Surfers often use this to get out, but you need to be experienced to ever try this.
    So the breaks nearer middle of beach can be safer, but be aware a rip could be anywhere and even develop over time.

    As always as locals and especially lifeguard or surf school will always be good idea to chat to.

    Body boarding not that popular in Ireland so no real breaks that have more bodyboarders than surfers.
    I have never seen beach with adult boarders apart from portugal where the waves suit bodyboarding better.

    Good luck stay safe and enjoy.

    I am surfing 30plus years but still have and use my bodyboard.

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    i know there are a few guys in Bundoran that are mad into the bodyboarding, i think there is a french guy there that does lessons too.

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