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Absolute beginner lessons for surfing

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    Hi all,

    We are going across to Clare\Limerick for the weekend from Kildare and I was wondering about booking a surf lesson for me and the two kids in Doolin. Is this worth it? I know it'll probably be good fun but what could realistically get out of a 2 hour lesson having never done surfing before - probably not much. Also its not like we'll be going surfing regularly


  • Hey

    In a two hour session, you can actually learn enough to stand up on the board and ride a wave!

    Depends on the person (and water conditions) obviously, but you’ll learn the basics and have fun.

    Children pick up surfing really quickly. They have no fear, and are probably better at balancing than adults - in learning how to surf anyway. :)

    And, you never know, you might pick up the bug (surfing bug that is), or pass it on to your kids. It’s an amazing sport!

  • Hope you plan to stay at home