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Run an electric strimmer off a battery

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    I've an odd situation where I've to strim an overgrown area but without access to electricity. I know you can buy battery powered strimmers but I was looking to see if there was an alternative that would work with my existing electric strimmer. Would there be some kind of larger battery with a plug to attach the strimmer to and then you simply charge that seperately? I'd probably only need to run it for 20 odd minutes. The plug on the strimmer has 13A/250V~



  • Hire a portable generator.

  • Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it's something I'd have to do relatively regularly so that wouldn't be a cost effective option for me

  • The new Honda electric car would do as there's an inverter in it...
    Generator would be another option but honestly be cheaper to buy a a petrol motor version.

  • FuzzyFrog wrote: »
    it's something I'd have to do relatively regularly so that wouldn't be a cost effective option for me
    Get a petrol powered one then?

  • Rent a petrol strimmer. You won't clear an overgrown banc garden with an electric or battery strimmer . I have both types and would got through 3 or 4 fills of petrol doing that level of work. Electric won't cut it. Excuse the pun.

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  • A decent sized lead acid battery (a leisure battery would be best) and an inverter. Then you just plug in your strimmer into the inverter.

    You would need more detail on the power of the strimmer to see what power level you need on the inverter. They are typically rated in wattage output.

    As you have listed above, 13A x 250V = 3250W.
    To maintain that, you would need to be able to supply 270A from the 12V battery to the inverter: 3250÷12V=270. That's also on an ideal world where there are no losses in the inverter so would need to add some overhead based on the inverters efficiency rating and then add another 10% for comfort. It's also pretty high on the amperage!

    The strimmer probably doesn't draw that much though but you can use the calculations based on the power rating of the strimmer to work out the battery you need.