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RTE Newsroom Abandoned

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    Just curious, has any one noticed the RTE news room appears to have been abandoned. I know everyone needs a holiday but seriously does the entire team of high profile news broadcasters have to go at one time.

    Ray Kennedy, Sharon Toibin doing an excellent job mind you but even most of the main correspondents seemed to have disappeared, presumably on Holiday, again Mary Regan and Sandra Hurley excellent but it's astonishing with a new government, Pandemic crisis and School opening plan that the national broadcaster could not stagger breaks, its quite telling when the Health correspondant and Education correspondent off on hols at such a time.

    The hullabaloo over the upcoming 6 one news changes kinda makes me wonder, what's all the fuss about, its doing quite alright as it is now.

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.