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Roof hooks and cable management issue with installation

  • 27-07-2020 3:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 411 ✭✭ phester28

    HI Lads,

    Is this normal.

    Cables and MC4 from panels are touching roof. It's hard for the camera to focus. But all cables are draped onto the roof

    The company use Schletter roof hooks on the slate. My roof is only a year old so has the copper ties that keep the edge of the slates pulled down. They removed them from the area where the hooks went and around but did not refit them. I can now lift the slates without copper fastener. Some were left in place and as a result keep the tile proud of the adjacent slate


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,097 ✭✭✭ freddyuk

    Get them back to do it properly. All slates should be secure and all cabling zip tied to the framework as it can blow around and chafe through eventually. It's possibly up there for 40 years+!!

    A lazy cowboy job I am afraid.
    I would not let a Solar installer anywhere near my slate roof I would get a roofer to fit the hooks as slate is easily damaged. There should be lead "eyelids" over each roof hook. Or possibly they should use the Schletter slate fitting kit. If they didn't do either your roof will leak.
    See here and check what you have?

    I would check all the install very carefully.

  • Registered Users Posts: 411 ✭✭ phester28

    they used the slate fixing kit. The flashing looks fine. And they used some mastic I think on the tile that covers the flashing. But the refitting of the removed slates is where they left out the Copper Crampions. Since I was able to refit some of them myself on the prefiry. I assume they were just lazy on the install. It would only have taken an extra 5 min

    I would also like to add that they used the roof vents to route string into the attic. I dont see much of an issue with this but I am not sure if this is allowed by SEAI

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,097 ✭✭✭ freddyuk

    Mastic is bodgers tool of choice. It does not last very long on a roof and should not be there. Cables still need tying.

  • Registered Users Posts: 411 ✭✭ phester28

    I dont think it was mastic but the word he used fails me. It was like a tiger seal of sorts. My guess is he used it to stick the overlapping tiles back. Wish he used the spring clips. its leaving out the copper rivits that is winding me up. But I bet I will be told its industry standard.

    Having a look at the SEAI regs
    The only reference to cable movement is: DC cables must be suitable secured when routed from the PV module array across
    the roof area to the entry point to the building. Cables must not be exposed to
    excessive movement from wind

    So I am not sure if they are in breach of the regs or just untidy. Maybe an email to SEAI might clarify it

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,835 ✭✭✭ garo

    My cables came loose within four months. I had to get them back in to fix it. They wanted me to pay extra but managed to persuade them to do it for free. I didn’t contact SEAI eventually but did tell them that they were violating seai regs.

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