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Feel awkward - cancel hairdresser app

  • 23-07-2020 4:09pm
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    Sounds silly, 2nd world problems but I'd just like other suggestions ideas how to word this. I'm completely over thinking, I know.

    I go to a cousins hair salon. My usual hairdresser recently moved there. I'm not close to my cousin, would like to be but we never really knew each other. I wouldn't like to go to her instead cause I would feel really awkward.

    Anyway there's a waiting list for my hairdresser, can't see her for a month. I took this appointment because that was all left. Ran out of patience and contacted another hairdresser, not in the same salon but can basically take me ASAP.

    I need to cancel my hair appointment in my cousins salon via text messages and I'm a bit up on the air in how to word it. I don't like cancelling on people, plus shes kinda losing out on business cause IV gone somewhere else, tho I agreed to an appointment.

    I know I know even when I read this back I'm thinking fecksake just cancel stop over thinking..... So please don't remind me!

    How do I word it??


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    Hiya Michelle :) Just texting to let you know I'll have to cancel the appointment with you on Tuesday, I'm so sorry! I'm after getting an appointment with X salon after all and turns out they can take me right away, I'm heading there in the morning cos I can't cope with this head of hair any longer! Sorry if it's any hassle. Thanks for offering to take me, talk soon

    etc etc.

    I think that's pretty inoffensive and it's the truth. She'll understand.

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    Also she is not going to be out of pocket. There's no shortage of hair to cut at the moment, they'll fill the chair in no time.

    It's your hair after all!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,704 ✭✭✭Xterminator

    How about calling and telling her in person, rather than an impersonal text?
    And you will get a better feel for her reaction.

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    "Hi, I have to cancel my appointment next Friday as I won't be able to make it"

    You don't need to tell her why.

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    "Hi, I have to cancel my appointment next Friday as I won't be able to make it"

    You don't need to tell her why.

    I agree.

    Plus, if she has such a waiting list, she will probably fill your appointment spot quite easily.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,889 ✭✭✭SozBbz

    Exactly, you're over thinking this OP.

    If shes that busy that it takes a month to get an appointment, your customer won't be missed.

    If you start writing essays in terms of explanations etc.... that would actually just make it look more suspect.

    In my experience, people cancel appointments all the time for a variety of reasons. Service providers don't mind once you actually cancel and give them decent notice. Its "no shows" that are a problem for them. Beyond that, its all in your head.