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Accounting Technician Ireland Apprenticeship 2020 Employment Prospects

  • 22-07-2020 3:25pm
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    I think it's a good idea to start a forum for 2020, especially considering the current economic climate given Covid-19.

    I applied for the ATI Apprenticeship for 2020 and passed the phone interview in June. I believe the applications/CV's were sent to potential employers at the beginning of July, but unfortunately I haven't heard anything back yet.

    I imagine there are going to be less opportunities this year given the pandemic. I've had my eye on this course for the last 1.5 years and it's disappointing that potential opportunities will no longer be available due to companies working from home and social distancing. Many are now returning, but I wonder will they be willing to take on new staff. It's going to be challenging this year to find an employer willing to take on an apprentice so I am leaning more towards sending out my own applications this year rather than wait for someone to get back to me.

    Has anybody out there who applied for the Apprenticeship received call backs or interviews? Did you seek out the employer yourself? How did it go?

    Also a side note; I would be interested in forming a group discussion among people who are taking up the Apprenticeship this year. It will most likely be on Discord or some similar platform. Let me know if you are interested.


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    Received my first call for an interview today. Just as I was giving up hope that I may not receive any offers. The interview will be tomorrow via Zoom. Time to do some homework on the company. Fingers crossed!

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    I made it through to the second round of interviews. This will be conducted face to face, with necessary precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

    I also had another interview for a different company, via Microsoft meetings. That interview went well, but the location of the business may be too far away distance wise.

    Each employer seems to be doing around 8 interviews each.

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    Didnt get the position unfortunately. Really disappointed as it was for a company that does great work and I really liked their vision. Havent had any calls in the last few weeks about new interviews. Hope is fading for a place on the apprenticeship. Considering just applying for regular payroll/accounts-admin/bookkeeping jobs.