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IKEA Lagan Dishwasher tilts forward

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    Hi Guys,
    Before i start i am a dunce with whitegoods and installation of same. I had the above installed a year again and it seems some mounting brackets have broke as they unit keeps tilting forward. are these easy enough to replace or should i log a call with IKEA?

    Thanks in advance


  • If it is an integrated d/w remove the kicker board, it will have two adjustable feet which need screwing downwards until the top of the dasher is tight against the worktop, they also have two brackets to attach to sidewalls but these must be broken because of initial poor fitting

  • thanks, to be fair the did not secure as the kicker board remove was very loose to the point the mount slipped and i think this movement snapped the brackets. I logged a call with them to sort it but no idea when they can call out.