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Instagram Tips to increase follower count not working!!

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    Registered Users Posts: 30 ✭✭✭ asmum

    Ive started my insta page one year ago.. the same time as another user started her page in the very same niche - so we have identical target audience. (Not business pages)

    I studied all the tips on how to grow your page - (aesthetics, best use of hashtags, captions, CTA, good bio, regular posts (avg 2/3 daily) and stories, commenting on similar pages and sharing their content etc...)
    I've paid for promotions, I've paid for someone to analyse my page for constructive feedback, I've even paid for an online course to try and learn better growth skills or get new advice...


    My engagement is low. My growth is snail paced. I think my reach is poor too.

    The other page I mentioned above has twice the following I have despite : using NO HASHTAGS for the first 4-6 months and every post thereafter has only the same ONE. The page posts identical content to mine, the same frequency etc... They don't comment on others similar content...

    honestly I see nothing to enlighten me as to their continuous rapid growth and despite my best efforts , my paltry comparison.

    I will take ALL and ANY advice / explanations on board. ðŸ™