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Tell me A-Ztory in three

  • 07-07-2020 10:43pm
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    A 3-word shortened (adhd) :pac: version of Namenotavailabl's Tell me A-Ztory thread.

    Basically, we're telling a story in alphabetical order, using just 3 words at a time.
    Pickup the story where the previous poster left off.
    If they used ABC, you continue the story with 3 words starting with DEF ...and so it goes.
    After z 26th letter, the poster continues (or starts a new story) at the beginning of the alphabet.
    Namenot's flexibility of the more difficult letters is ideal, "for the tricky letter X, it's OK to have the letter almost anywhere in the X-word."

    Let us begin with ~

    A Bodacious Cat...