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Do you spaz out pretty good whilst getting your dance on?

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    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 1,355 bo0li5eumx12kp

    I've managed to regulate it to more placable levels in recent years but as a teen - AW LAWD!

    There was no getting in muh way.

    Even at that young age it became apparent that, I HAD to learn how to dance properly, just so's I wouldn't look as preposterous whilst getting my freak on.

    Now as a grown ass man I still freak out pretty good.

    To be fair I don't think I'm alone, as that Andy Moor club compilation shows but.

    Given that places I frequent are typically populated almost exclusively by teens and young 20 demographic I dunno, it's gotta look a little, what.... embarrassing?

    Violently slamming mid dance floor.... hell, we all have our own ways to blow off steam.