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First birthday present that I can add to every year

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    As it comes up to my baby’s first birthday I was thinking of what we could get her. I would like to get her a present that I could add to every year. I was thinking of possibly a charm bracelet and then we could buy her a charm every year. And maybe give it to her when she’s a teenager. I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas along them lines? thanks in advance for any ideas


  • I personally don't like charm bracelets. They also dip in and out of fashion so whose to say a Pandora bracelet will still be a popular style in 15 years? My mother has a hideous gold chunky charm bracelet from the 80's or 90's that has not aged well. When my toddler turned one, I did a photobook for him from birth to one year old and I did another from 1 year to 2 years. I started one for my daughter who is one in a few weeks. I plan to do one every year for each of them until they are 18 or 21.

  • I’ve been doing the charm bracelet thing for my niece. I don’t necessarily expect her to wear it or anything but hopefully she can use it as a keepsake.

    If you’re not already planning on putting some money away for her every year you could just do that instead and maybe aim for a particular birthday to gift it to her.

  • You could get a special book every year and add a note on the inside. Maybe books that are special to you for some reason or that remind you of the child?

  • Prize Bonds. Add to them each birthday. Child could win, and can cash them in when 18 or keep them.

    There is no point putting money in a bank, zero or near enough interest rate now.

  • Prize bonds is what I got for my godson, birthdays & a small other gift. He will be eleven this month, has a nice few Bob & can cash it in if he wants to.

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  • Second the photobook idea. I do one for each year. When they were in preschool I made a book for each of them of their artwork during the year. They look at these all the time, and I was able to get rid of 99% of their art in one go!
    I wouldn't buy anything trinkety. I have boxes of stuff like this from when I was born, and now I have some from when my children were born.

  • My husband does then charm bracelet for our two girls ever Christmas. We've them in a frame and the oldest loves helping him put them in and going back over what the other charms are.

    Even if they never wear them I think it's a lovely keepsake for them for when they are older.

  • Prize Bonds. Add to them each birthday. Child could win, and can cash them in when 18 or keep them.

    There is no point putting money in a bank, zero or near enough interest rate now.

    Prize bonds are calculated in relation to interest rates. They currently have a very poor return.

  • Avoid prize bonds, you are flushing money down the toilet. We were unable to redeem hundreds of euros of these given as gifts by well meaning people to our kids. The post office won't recognise them if there is a spelling error (Person puts Patrick instead of Pat on them, or Kathy instead of Cathy) or the address isn't how you have it on your evidence of address, or if you move house. They are used by the govt spending , it's a form of borrowing for them.

    Also, they fulfill nothing I want in a good gift. It has to be either meaningful, or useful. Prize bonds are neither. They depreciate so are not useful, they are in no way meaningful, and also, could be seen as a gambling habit? Just not appropriate.

    Charms are not my thing either, I'm far too likely to lose them!

    A good book collection, art pieces, or photos is the way i'd go for long term gifts.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies.

    I have been putting photos in albums since she was born and will probably have 3 big albums of her first year!!!

    Maybe I will try and narrow down the pics into a photobook and then do one every year.

    She got some prizebonds when she was born and for her Christening off some people and we have opened a savings account for her so that we will hopefully have a nice bit saved for when she gets married or buys a house.

    I was just trying to think of something more personal than money (although I am sure she will appreciate the money more)!! The charm bracelet in a frame is a very good idea - I might try that as I would not expect anyone to wear a bracelet with 18 charms!! @scarepanda - what sort of frame have you got that displays the bracelet? TIA

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  • We just got one of those deep frames from IKEA, Im almost certain it's called 'Ribba', or something like that. My husband has a list taped to the back with each year listed up until they turn 18 where he'll write in what that years charm was, and if necessary a little explanation of what/why it was chosen. One of the years the charm is just a letter, but it represents the first joke my eldest played with my husband, so slightly obscure ones like that get an explanation. We have the bracelet/charms tied in with fishing wire so it displays properly. We have noticed however that one of the bracelets needs care as the chain itself has gone tarnished. So just be aware of that.