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Germicidal UVC light sanitization of aircraft

  • 03-07-2020 6:34pm
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    A six second high wattage exposure to (ideally) Far UVC (ie 207 to 222 nm) light will kill viruses, bacteria and fungus without chemicals. UV light sanitization is an option on Boeing aircraft, which no Irish airline that I know of has installed. It should be a relatively simple matter to retrofit to aircraft toilets – so they do a self-sanitization job between usage. Confined spaces (eg stuffed metro trains and aircraft toilets are great ‘bug’ spreaders). Hence the high infection rates in big cities with metros.

    In this world of poor food hygiene in many Asian countries and the rapid global span of contagion that we have seen with SARS-CoV-2, it is surely negligent of airlines not to retrofit UVC sanitization lamps in all aircraft toilets. Negligence to the airline employees and negligence to the travelling public.

    And negligent of government regulators who allow aircraft to fly without these simple, low cost precautions being implemented.


    (the overhead lockers should have been open during this sanitization procedure in the video)

    The US CDC and the Swedish based EU CDC have been appalling incompetent during this epidemic, in the information they provide to the public.

    The public will be slow to take to the air while they perceive it to be risky. There are 31 countries in Europe where the European Commission statistics on Covid 19 safety are similar to that of Ireland - ie no reason not to travel between them, unless you yourself have a medical issue.


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    What on earth made you think the reasons your previous thread on this was closed had gone away?

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