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DIY Divorce Questions

  • 02-07-2020 4:07pm
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    I’m in the beginning stages of applying for a DIY Divorce. Although the break up was mutual-when I asked a few years ago about getting a divorce they blocked all communication lines with me.
    I know the address of their parents and will use that address- does anytime know what happens if the person doesn’t respond?

    We had no joint assets or children. I have some savings now and I have put that down in the Affidavit of Means. I’m wondering if applying for a divorce makes me vulnerable to my ex asking for money from me? If they don’t have a job (I have no idea if they are working or not).

    Also if anyone knows, are they sent a copy of your Affidavit of Means and therefore have a record of your savings and earnings and not vice versa if you are the applicant and they are the respondent?

    If anyone has any info on this I would be very grateful.


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    Bumping this as in the same situation if anyone has an experience to relate.

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    I can't see how you could get this done without 2 way communication.

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    your ex will see your affidavit of means so they will be aware of your assets and debts, you will more then likely have to provide financial statements for a considerable amount of time so they can assess if you are hiding money or have undeclared bank accounts. You will also receive the same documents from your ex as well. I do not know if ye live in the same town or different areas but who ever files for divorce first means that it has to occur in your jurisdiction as the proceeding's are started there and should remain in that court.

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    "your ex will see your affidavit of means so they will be aware of your assets and debts,"

    So, would it be wise to take out the €30,000 or so loan for the legal fees before this 'affidavit of means' meeting just so your real post-divorce case legal fees debt is clear?

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    I guess so. I suppose it depends on how much you both are earning. Im still in the middle of the process so i don't know what the best outcome is.

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    I went through a diy divorce last year. It's a very difficult thing to get through without buy in from the other partner. It's better if the other party signs a terms of consent document.

    Both parties will have to file an affidavit of means. That will mean effort on the other parties part. In my case the other party wrote theirs out by hand, I typed it all up, sent it to them by registered post along with an affidavit of service and got them to have it all sworn by a commissioner of oaths. If I hadn't done all the donkey work it wouldn't have happened. Diy divorce requires both parties to agree and work together or its just very hard to get over the line.

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    Can't see how that would make any difference tbh.

    One the one hand you'd have a €30k debt, but the flip side is you'd have €30k in cash. They offset each other.

    Could you include a future liability in your affidavit of means?