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Experience with Induction Wok


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    Havent used one of those induction wok stands so cant comment except to say they seem pretty expensive for what they are.

    I think whatever way you look at it when you flip food in a wok on induction it is going to lose heat as its no longer contacting the hob or stand if youre using that. Its just a reality of using induction over gas for wok cooking. However its not all that much heat lost- I tested this a few weeks ago with an IR thermometer and a flat bottomed carbon steel wok, started at 295c on the base of it, then lifted off for 3 seconds and the temp had dropped to 276c so about a 8% heat loss by flipping food for 3 seconds. For me thats negligible as I only tend to toss about 2 or 3 times over a 5 minute wok cook, I still keep the food moving with a spatula. I also tested the walls of the wok while theyre not as hot as the base they do still retain good heat.

    Would say before you go investing £150 odd in a wok stand to try out your induction hob with a flat bottomed wok and see if it is fine for you (it is for me anyway). Ask yourself if using a special wok stand is going to make the food taste any better. Like I said I havent used one but I would doubt it would make any tangible difference over using a flat bottomed wok.

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    I can't see how it would work well at all. I can see a video using it and it does not show if it is getting properly hot.

    It would be similar to cooking over a bunsen burner instead of a full gas flame. It is only going to heat a small portion of the wok. I think a flat bottom wok would be way better, and not just due to price. The ones you link look like they are stainless too, which I would not want.

    There is a UK youtube channel with a Asian/uk guy who runs several succcessful restaurants & takeaways.

    I was surprised that in his main restaurant he has no gas and was using regular pans on individual induction plates. When he does his cooking at home they are usually regular pans too, even with non stick coatings.

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    I have one of the Electrolux ones. It's OK, but not great. Because the induction field is still effective a centimetre or so above the surface of the hob, there is a significant amount of the bottom of the wok that is heated by the hob directly through induction, but the further up the side of it you go you're relying on conduction. The stand is nice and heavy and doesn't slide around, and it holds the very bottom point of the wok a hair's breadth above the surface.

    I rarely use mine now and use a flat bottomed Circulon stirfry pan like this ... instead.

    Many professional restaurants now have forsaken gas and switched over to induction. You can even get special dished induction hobs designed to fit a wok, so you're getting the benefit of induction heating for a much greater percentage of the surface area.

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    Solid advice there - I'll try the cheaper options! Thanks all