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Turtle Beach Headset Help

  • 27-06-2020 3:35pm
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    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my ps4 headset from Sony Gold headset to the Turtle beach Elite Pro tournament and Tactical Audio controller setup in the hopes to have a really nice sound, however it just doesn't sound right. The game I'm judging them off is call of duty modern warfare and I'm looking to hear footsteps a lot clearer. Ar the moment the ps4 gold headset was much better at hearing footsteps but the 260 euro turtle beach setup isn't. I have the mix amp wired through digital optical cable into ps4 and the correct setup in sound settings following turtle beach tutorial. Is there something I've done wrong or can anyone help? Thanks


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    Have you cycled through the presets on the Turtle Beach headset? Some are geared towards music, FPS, RPG, etc. With that set up, it should be better than the Gold (even though I think the Gold is fantastic). I'd imagine it's some setting somewhere either on the headset or the audio controller.

    Edit: While not specifically for MW, this lad had similar issues with BO3 and it was down to the TAC (gaming preset with footstep focus):

    Guide for the presets:

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    Haven't played MW, but I was under the impression that its audio was poor generally?

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    The footsteps initially weren't great, as in you could hear them, but you had no idea where they were coming from and how far away they were (further than you thought anyway). Thought they fixed it though. I dunno, don't play it anymore really.

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    Yeah I have it set correctly according to that reddit. I think it's more so the fact that everything else is too loud that footsteps are harder to hear. I haven't tried other games with them. As far as I was aware they were used in the competitive scene and were designed for esports.

    Also yeah I see a lot of people complaining about the audio in cod mw, I guess the next one will hopefully be better.