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Spring Bar failures

  • 26-06-2020 2:33pm
    Registered Users Posts: 31,278 ✭✭✭✭ o1s1n

    Cycling down the road today through the middle of the city centre, see something fly off me in the corner of my left eye, had no idea what it was, assumed it was my phone or wallet.

    Got off my bike and ran back, only to see my lovely Steinhart B-Uhr on the ground :mad:

    Gave it a bit of a clean off and aside from a small scratch on the crystal and a bit of a mark of the bezel, it's grand externally. Still ticking away but who knows how the internals will fair long term...

    Strap is a two piece Zulu Diver from Watch Gecko. Only have it about a year, maybe a little bit less.

    Any of you guys ever suffer any spring bar failures while out and about? Any idea of something to try to mitigate it somewhat? This incident from today suddenly has me very paranoid!


  • One piece straps. Unless both springbars go which would be very unlucky.

  • The fear! I have a Casio Royale on a NATO that I only use on the bike, I've an awful fear of dropping, crashing or scratching my more expensive watches on the bike.

  • Your watch would likely be covered for theft, loss or accidental damage on your home contents insurance cover. And if it is over a particular value, you need to add it as a named individual asset.

    I'm covered and that gives me great peace of mind :)

  • Yeah I think I'm going to have to stick to using the oul Nato strap watches for cycles!

    Literally heard it bounce on the road behind me :eek:

    Shows you how well made Steinhart watches are at least. Only a 2mm scuff on the crystal and that's it. (Bezel mark rubbed off!)