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Max Power crypto

  • 25-06-2020 1:41am
    Registered Users Posts: 169 ✭✭ Daithi40


    Lurker and sometimes contributor to this forum, may I ask how many of you good folk are full-time traders in this space?

    Personally, I guess I'm a HODLer, have quite a bit invested but I simply dont have time to track sats and re-allocate daily or even try and track all of the news. Of course I check this forum almost daily :)

    I guess it's something that I'd like to pursue, but with kids and a hungry ex-wife and I'm in receipt of a reasonable salary in IT, I am juggling lots of balls :eek:

    So, I guess I'm asking how many have gone from a passing interest to a full-time (or part-time job!) and what have been your experiences.

    Thanks for any comments



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4,791 JJJJNR

    Realistically unless your a whizz with code and can develop a good bot trading platform across various exchanges I'd say its a closed shop, I've heard some youtubers who day trade but I don't think anyone here does. I'd love to be wrong, and get some tips, but IMO for most its a high risk - hobby / side hustle and a shot at a bit of passive income. I'm hoping to reinvest and develop an app with anything I get out of hodling its a long road.