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Music quiz

  • 18-06-2020 8:09am
    Registered Users Posts: 103 ✭✭ justmehere

    I've been creating quizzes and puzzles every week for our working-from-home staff, to give everyone a sense of still being connected to each other. No prizes or anything, it's just for fun. For example, a list of company logos or country flags that people have to identify. I email them to about 80 staff.

    For the next quiz, I was thinking of taking the first 3 or 4 seconds from songs and splicing them together into a single 'track'. The idea is they would need to identify the song from the intro.

    I was wondering what people think of this from a legal perspective? Thanks.


  • Not a problem, as far as I can see, so long as you are not doing this commercially or presenting the "collage" of extracts as a creative work in its own right.

    Quoting from copyrighted works for the purpose of criticism, discussion, etc is fine, as long as you only quote a small part of the work. What you're doing is quoting a snippet of the various songs and inviting people to identify them, which is a form of criticism since it invites a consideration of how distinctive, unique, etc the various songs are. The fact that you're presenting all the quotes together doesn't really change matters.