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Windows 10x pivot

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    In response to covid-19, it looks like Windows 10x will initially be released on single screen devices, most likely Chromebook counterparts. This is a pivot away from the dual screen devices that the system was being built for. It seems likely that the Neo and the Duo will be released later than the previously announced date. There are rumours that the launch date will be moved in either direction. The only official word I found was that they were continuing to look at when would be the best time to release them.

    The shift in focus is because since covid, people have been using laptops and desktops more, and tablets and smartphones less. I suppose a shift towards cheap basic products and away from what I guess will be more upmarket ones is in response with the economic crisis too.

    Any thoughts on what will be released when?


  • Don't think it's anything to do with Covid, had been hearing rumours about 10x going to single screen before there was any mention of a pandemic. The Duo seems to be progressing along though.

  • Panos Panoy said it was because of Covid in a recent blog post.
    Since taking on the role, the world has changed in a way that many of us are still adjusting to. I am adapting to working from home, collaborating with our teams remotely and having my four children learning from home.
    With that increased focus comes a shift in priorities for Windows too. The world is a very different place than it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of dual-screen Windows devices. As we continue to put customers’ needs at the forefront, we need to focus on meeting customers where they are now. Our customers are leveraging the power of the cloud more than ever, and we believe the time is right to lean into this acceleration in a different way.

    He says they want to focus on single screen devices this holiday and next, which to me suggests it will be a long delay.

    The Duo will run Android so I guess it won't be affected by the pivot.