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Project Management Qualification - advice

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    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of trying to add another string to my bow.

    Basically I've been doing one thing now for a long time and would love a change. The problem is what I've done to date seems to be incredibly pigeon-holing and I'm not sure the best way to transition. I want to change as;
    - I really cant see me doing this forever
    - Its a very stressful role and I'd happily live without the highs if I didnt have the lows anymore
    - Its very well paid - this makes a lot of other roles seem like a step backwards

    One thing I thought of was doing a project management qualification but I've a few reservations.
    - What use is a PM qualification without PM experience?
    - Would I have to apply for very junior PM jobs?
    - Would my previous experience count for anything?

    Finally, can anyone recommend particular PM qualifications that would give me the best chance of landing a decent role after?

    For background I work in the IT sector (for ~10 years) and am in and around projects all the time, and work with PM's, so even though I've not held the reigns of a project before myself, I feel like some of my previous experience should stand to me, but am i being deluded from a potential employers point of view?