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Dell Support Assist

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    I know that for those who might have subscribed to Dell support this would not be classed as a Virus & Malware. However I don't subscribe and the bloody thing is popping up on screen telling me it is going to start its scan in 30/29/28/27....
    Two options Run Now or Run Later. Run Later leaves the dialog box on screen for hours(probably 30 seconds to a minute)

    I really want a third option "Feck off and never run again"!

    Any hints as to how to get the third option?


  • Clicking on Start you should see it in the list of programmes in a folder titled Dell. Im not sure if there is an uninstall option there. However if you open the Control Panel and Select "Programmes and features" and then "uninstall a programme" you will see it. Its called DellSupportAssist. Highlight it and you will see an option then to uninstall.

    Hope that works for you.

  • Thanks - couldn't see it in the pop up start and so was confused as to how to remove. As you say it was in the list at Control Panel - something I've often used before but haven't needed in so long it went off the radar. Ta for the heads up.