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Housing/Getting assigned a social worker

  • 26-05-2020 2:02am
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    My mother is really struggling with her mental health and has done for some time. She is in a council house which has gone into disrepair and she’s unable to maintain it being in such poor health. I am desperate to get her out as the worse it gets the worse her mental health gets. She seems to be headed for a breakdown and is no longer eating or able to even make herself a cup of tea. I’m worried sick. (She doesn’t live alone, my brother is there but he has mental health issues also, and is also just extremely lazy. He does very little to help.)

    We have spoken to the council who have told us they can’t transfer her as there simply is no accommodation available. She is on a waiting list to see a psychologist but I’m wondering if a social worker would also be a good option for her. She really needs help with accessing different services and I hope a social worker might be able to advocate for her re: housing.

    Can anyone advise on this? How does one get assigned a social worker? Or if anyone can help with the housing piece, I’d appreciate it. I can’t sleep with worry over the situation.


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    Unfortunately that is the situation now. There is literally no more houses to assign to to those who actually need it.

    My father in law is in the same situation and was refused. The reasons given were because his illnesses are not as serious as they think which is fair enough. His doctor has deemed them serious but the council fobbed him off.

    So what about those who desperately need it and are leaving your mother in a position where her situation is making her worse?

    I would say constantly go down to the cooperation and kick up a fuss. Make them know you and see how serious you are but again, falls on deaf ears.

    The housing crisis is as bad as it is and whether you're a full time worker, part time, fallen on hard times, have an illness etc, it's not that they don't care to help, they physically can't.

    You can always ask your GP to assign your mother to a phsycharist and the phsycharist can maybe help inform the council, but that's another maze to go through before anyone even tries to listen.

    I truly hope you get all the help needed. I wish you all the best.

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    Each council has a social worker assigned to housing so ask for a referral to the social worker in her local council. It sounds like she could do with an occupational therapist too so contact the local health centre for a referral to an occupational therapist.

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    You should be working with the council on her behalf and see can you get them to inspect the property and come up with a plan to sort any repairs ,

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    Could you look for a transfer to a smaller place? At least that may make it more manageable.
    The doctor should also be able to refer to a social worker, and some counselling sessions may be of benefit.

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    You mentioned she is on a waiting list to see a Psychologist?
    A GP would usually refer someone with Mental Health issues to a Psychiatrist as a first port of call. A Social Worker will be on his/her team and could get involved if deemed necessary.
    Although as you can imagine, these services are snowed under in most areas.

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    Unless she hates the area she lives in I wouldn't look to have her moved much better to get the house repaired. Make a list of all the stuff you can see. Is there damp, bad wiring, needs a new kitchen.

    She can't expect the council to do everything, iIs there anything she, you or your brother can do, can he paint the place. Clean up the garden. Get a skip bag and clean out rubbish.

    If your mother does end up having break down and needs hospital treatment make it clear to the hospital that she can't be safely discharged back into the house in it's current state. They have social works too but most of it fall on the family to push.

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    Could the Brother and Mothers family get together and repair the house?
    IN fairness,the council are providing a council house and shouldnt have to provide a cleaner too or better property as the tennants havent cleaned it and allowed it to fall into a bad state?

    Then maybew get the tennants some mental help.

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    You need to deal with your mother's issue not look for a different house for her. Because if you do you're just moving the problem to a new location and in a few years will be looking for the same again.

    As her family you need to step in a provide help, or get her help. If work is needed, look into the options of getting grants if they're available. Some areas have schemes going with local tradesmen where they provide free work for elderly/vulnerable people, all that is paid for are the materials. See if something like that exists in your area.

    Get in and help her clean and tidy. Declutter the house with her. She may need a social worker to keep an eye on her and put supports in place but you shouldn't just be looking for a social worker just for the purpose of your mam getting a new house.