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Susi funding for studying in Northern Ireland

  • 22-05-2020 4:26am
    Registered Users Posts: 121 ✭✭ miissjuly

    I have a level 8 degree for which I got the susi grant, finished in 2017. I will be starting a masters programme in September 2020, so almost 3 years gap. I think I will be classified as independent student as I live on my own I moved to N. Ireland last year. My concern is I only worked half of last year. I am still living there and paying rent with my husband. He also worked half of last year. Because of that our income for last year is below threshold hence I think I may be eligible. And out of last 5 years I have been mostly a resident of Ireland
    My course is in Queens University and lasts for a year and I checked susi site to see if it’s an approved college for N.Irl and it is. On my susi application my home/permanent address is set to my parents house address(Ireland) which I cannot change online. Will susi look at my information that I provided or do they assume I am living at my permanent address which is in RoI. Based on the information can anyone advised if I am eligible to get the grant for postgraduate?