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Protein sequencing

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    Hi Guys,

    I am complete nube at genetics and bioinformatics.

    Can some one please tell me.... if we analyse and determine the protein sequence of an enzyme produced by a given strain, and we then use that to determine the gene sequence from the organism that produced it?

    I thought the mature peptide or amino acid sequence of the enzyme would be different to the amino acid sequence of the gene - or is that stupid?:confused:

    Thanks guys


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    Many amino acids have more than one codon that codes for them (redundancy, woo!), so you can't properly predict a (D|R)NA sequence from an amino acid sequence. I mean, you could have a stab at it... but you'd also be missing any introns that might get excised too.

    A given (D|R)NA sequence will have a single amino acid string as its output (with appropriate intron handling, etc).

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