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Saturn Fenrir

  • 18-05-2020 12:30pm
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    Fenrir ODE is now available to pre order for Saturn.


    Watch out for compatibility as one of my Saturns wont take it.
    Supports all console regions (only for VA0, VA0.5 or VA1 consoles with a 20-pin drive).
    Type-1: VA0-VA1 (20-pin cable)
    ODE: Rhea
    CD-ROM drives:

    JVC ENR-007B or D
    Hitachi JA0027
    NOTE: VA0 units have the power supply (PSU), buttons and LEDs attached to the upper case.

    Good details on that here :

    More info on finding out what version of Saturn you have :
    There are 3 PSU form factors that Saturns use, the service manuals apparently call them Type A, B, C.

    Type A is only used in VA0 motherboards, it is hold onto the top of the case. Pinouts are gnd, gnd, 3.3v, 5v, (not connected), 9v.
    Type B is used in VA1 to 5, it is the "longer" power supply, always 5 pin with pinouts being gnd, gnd, 3.3v, 5v, 9v.
    Type C is used from VA6 to VA15, it is the "shorter" power supply. NTSC machines have 4 pins: gnd, gnd, 5v, 5v. PAL machines use 5 pins: gnd, gnd, 5v, 5v, 9/12v.

    You can check which board your machine has from the serial number. It uses a syntax of (manufacturer code), (year), (VA#), and 6 number for a serial (sometimes, rarely, just 5). Manufacturer code can be 1 number, 1 letter, or 2 letters. Year is always the least number of the full year. VA# is the motherboard version.
    So B40004930 is manufacturer B, made in 1994, VA0 board, unit #004930.
    Or, AD69147854 is manufacturer AD, made in 1996, VA9 board, unit #147854.


  • Registered Users Posts: 34,611 ✭✭✭✭o1s1n
    Master of the Universe

    Anyone thinking of picking one of these up?

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,719 ✭✭✭The Last Bandit

    Nope, already have a Rhea/Phoebe one (the less said about that ordering process the better).

    Good to see a few new alternatives coming out, each with there own pros & cons. The new Terraonion one looks good with some very good storage options but its expensive. This one only supports the 20 pin drive ? All the later versions use the 21 pin version (round button version), wifi seems pointless (engineering w@nk).

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    o1s1n wrote: »
    Anyone thinking of picking one of these up?

    Yep one on the way. As mentioned only works for one of my Saturn consoles with the 20 pin connector. Terraonion Mode is too expensive but it will work in both Saturn and Dreamcast.

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