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What do you think ?

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    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 3,316 ✭✭✭ nthclare

    So I'm proposing a loose cloak discussion group for people who believe in something or have an interest in religion spirituality,dualism and how we all interpret our own belief system.

    Nobody has to undermine the other only understanding and cooperation.
    I'm a Pagan/heathen myself and I have friends who are Open minded Atheist,Buddhist, Muslims, Agnostics,New Age, Christians amongst others...

    I can have a laugh and and banter with them or we can have a heated debate without falling out or wanting to shut each other down....

    I think this might be helpful for anyone who wants to share their experiences and knowledge with others knowing that you don't have to prove your beliefs and you can just have general chit chat with others.

    Obviously there shouldn't be any one dismantling your beliefs or telling you you're delusional or you've no proof.

    Faith and trust in something outside of yourself is enough...

    I'm not suggesting we all sit down and pray or sing together but find a level playing field.

    And if you feel like blowing off steam about non believers giving you a hard time or finding that people don't accept your belief system then feel free to bring it up. maybe there could be a sub forum for that too.

    After all the Atheism and Agnoticism forum has a hazards of belief thread... so if you find that insulting feel free to share about it in a safe place..