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Aspire Odan coil question

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    Hi all,

    Saw on RepublicOfVape regarding the Odan coils of the recommended wattage, and confirmed it on the Aspire site.
    0.18 Ω – Mesh Coil (60 – 80 W)
    0.2 Ω – Mesh Coil (50 – 60 W)
    0.3 Ω – Mesh Coil (35 – 45 W)

    My mod is a Smok GX2, using in the dual 18650 configuration.

    My issue is that when I used 0.2 Ω I'd use 18W or 0.3 Ω I'd use 22W, as going higher (20W on the 0.2 Ω or 25W on the 0.3 Ω) I found the coil to start dying nearly instantly; all flavour would go, it'd start to taste burnt, and would often stay that way. But yet the Aspire site advises me to use a higher wattage.

    Any ideas what could be the issue on why the coils go bad at watts a lot lower than the recommended watage?