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Hypnosis for quitting

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    Hi all, having awful trouble trying to pack in the smokes. I have a family member who swears by hypnosis and how it helped him quit. Just wondering what are people's opinions? Bit sceptical myself but willing to try anything at this stage.
    If anyone has any recommendations that would be great. There seems to be a good few places online so I don't know where to start.


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    I'm really interested in this. I've been considering trying hypnosis in an attempt to help with my depression, as well as the bad habits I've developed because of it. I can see how it could help, by helping to change the way in which you view things, but at the same time I'm very sceptical. Talking therapy such as CBT has never helped so can't say I'm convinced it'd work. Then again my grandma tried it and it worked for her, but she's always been very receptive to any kind of talking therapy anyway.

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    Lads i feel your pain as regards trying to quit the fags . i quit by myself many years ago but due to a moment of madness went back on them and then i tried and tried and kept trying but no joy i could not stop and the withdrawal symptoms WOW . A friend and his son went to one of these quit smoking guys and both quit there and then and are still fag free. Anyway i went to this guy called Tony in Dunlaoire who had a good reputation for helping quitters. Made an appointment to see him and before i went in to his office i remember while outside his office puffing like made like i was going to be executated or something similar and he came to his front door and he said to me ''take your time''. in i went and while there he asked me several times was i sure that i wanted to quit smoking and if not here's my money back and not to waste his time. One of the best decisions I made was to stay and go ahead with the process and I remember he said to me '' yes I think that worked on you'' and I still don't know if he made me unconscious or not and 9 1/2 years later i am still fags free thank god and I never suffered any withdrawal symptoms . I was spending over €120.00 per week on cigarettes
    If you guys decide to think about going down this route firstly I say to both of you is ''do you really want to quit smoking'' and if your answer is not 100% positive keep your money in your pocket. Best of luck

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