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Post to Sydney

  • 12-05-2020 7:25pm
    Registered Users Posts: 834 ✭✭✭ hillbloom

    Is there a delay with post been delivered to Sydney. I posted a parcel from Ireland on 23rd March & a card on the 14th April and neither have been delivered. Thanks.


  • No post or parcels are bring sent to Australia since the Virus hit Australia.

  • The Aussies were very strict with incoming parcels. I know someone who was told by An Post that she couldn't post a parcel there a few weeks ago as Australia wouldn't accept it. I'd try and track it from here maybe.

  • They will hopefully arrive sometime!!!Thanks a mill. It is my grandchilds birthday.

  • No idea where stuff is gone but we also have things in the post coming from Ireland. I doubt it will ever reach us at this stage.

  • My mother posted something before the lockdown, still waiting. Problem is a lot of fright relies on passenger flights, freight is taken up by business priority I'm getting stuff for work quicker than usual because its medical and we have booked freight space but there's less processing at customs.

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  • I ordered something from England on April 28th and it arrived in Perth today, a parcel less than 600g in weight.

  • The parcel that was posted here from Ireland on 23rd March & the birthday card still haven't arrived in Sydney. I wonder will the parcel ever arrive at this stage. At least there wasn't any money in the card.

  • gerard2210 wrote: »
    No post or parcels are bring sent to Australia since the Virus hit Australia.

    Where did you get that information ?

    Australia post says otherwise.

    I have queried this directly with An Post a week ago and have had no repsonse.
    I suspect it is a "computer says no" reaction to try and avoid having to deal with a pile of queries on the delays.

    Economy parcel service has been suspended but standard, express and letter service should be fine (with delays)

  • So hopefully the parcel & birthday card will arrive in Sydney at some stage.

  • The parcel has finally arrived in Sydney. It was held in Dublin from the 24th March till the 10th of June. So all good!!!

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  • Postal Services typically rely on passenger airline freight, whereas shipping companies (FedEX, DHL etc) will have their own dedicated aircraft. With very limited commercial flights, postal services in/out of Aus & NZ has been severely curtailed. You would be surprised how much freight a commercial passenger jet carries.

    Economy stuff & non-time sensitive freight is being shipped by sea, meaning it can ultimately take any where from 8-12 weeks to deliver there what used to be 1-2 weeks.