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TCD medicine (pros and cons)

  • 10-05-2020 6:05pm
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    I'm trying to decide which school would be best to study medicine. I would like to hear some insight from current (or past) med students at TCD. If you could give me your PROS and CONS that'd be good. My top 3 choices are UCD, RCSI AND TCD

    I'm looking for information concerning:
    teaching methods and preparation for work life
    student facilities available
    student support and guidance

    Basically what you WISH you had known.

    ANY and all information is appreciated.


  • Registered Users Posts: 31 thereisacar

    Heya, I'm just finishing up first med in TCD and heading into second year next year, my Christmas exams were good so hopefully the same will be the case when I get my summer results in June. I'll just jump right into it:

    Teaching methods and preparation for work life - The teaching methods are quite good tbh, lecturers are top class, if you engage in the anatomy labs they're also superb, e-learning is used for anatomy and the books recommended for physiology and biochemistry are more than enough to get you through. In terms of preparation we also engage in problem-based learning once a week where you work on a clinical scenario as a group, it's weird at the start but nice to put the theory into practice and to make new friends as the groups rotate every few weeks.
    Student facilities available - Not sure if you mean in terms of learning or sports here. In terms of learning there's 2 study rooms in the medicine building and the libraries (in my experience) have never been full. The anatomy labs are also open from basically 9-5 if there's no class on if you want to do more revision. Sports facilities are quite good but depends on your sport I guess, gym a lil' small but if you dont go at the peak hours (12-2) it's fine.
    Student support and guidance - This is a major fall down of TCD med. This is the biggest red flag of the course and I probably cannot stress this enough, the fail rates for some exams are so high and they seemingly fail you on purpose to make you work harder (even though you're probably breaking your back already with study and know the work to a really high standard!) I've seen a lot of my friends struggle with the pressure and it has effected some of their mental healths greatly, of course there is college counselling for these people but the school of med do not seem to acknowledge or really help the students that are struggling. However, if you do come to meet people in older years they can be a great source of help.

    There are definitely other pros, I have friends in all of the medical schools in Ireland (except UL) and I get the impression that our social life is the best as we have a lot of contact hours to develop close bonds with each other and the medicine society arrange a lot of events for us compared to other colleges.

    Despite my moaning, I would pick Trinity again but I cannot stress enough that if you feel as if you could struggle academically or will need time to adjust into college life then TCD isn't the best shout. My fellow students are all so so friendly and are always up for a chat, and I wouldn't criticize anyone on the course for a second!

    I have friends in UCD and they love it but regret doing pre-med as they feel as if they wasted a year, but they do really enjoy it.
    I also have friends in RCSI and they also love it, they do OSCEs from first year though (these are oral exams which are quite tricky), which to me would be so so stressful (I dont think I could do it from the start!)

    The only thing I wish I'd known is how you have to be doing kinda well from the start, and falling behind is often people's downfalls, making friends is also very important and keeping up with old friends! The course is fab but tough!

    Ask me if anything there wasn't clear!

  • Registered Users Posts: 34 PhoenixD15

    @there is a scar Thanks so much for this insight. I have been offered interviews for mature medicine at both RCSI and TCD and am trying to decide how to rank them on the CAO. I am leaning towards putting TCD first mainly for financial reasons (a difference of 7k a year) but I am concerned about the added pressure that the students seem to have especially towards the end of the degree. I get the impression that RCSI have more continual assessment which might make the exams more manageable and that they somehow make allowances for study time when students are on rotation. For example the students in Beaumount have a study space at the hospital. Given that I have a young family I want to get the maximum out of my days away from home and ideally will not be doing much outside of 7am-6pm (except for night shifts) so late night cramming is probably not going to be an option for me. But 35k might be worth a couple of repeats... all of this said I may not be successful at entry to either in which case it'll be a daily commute to UL!