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v2h? chademo or diy or other? e.g. use leaf as battery for house

  • 10-05-2020 8:17am
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    Anyone have any experience doing this? Or prices for equipment to do it?

    The idea being, with your ev is plugged in, your excess solar goes into ev and then you can pull from car when you need it. Some might even charge up in work!

    Buying batteries seems uneconomical today, but many of us have batteries with wheels that are regularly at home and we could use while waiting for fit.


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    Smart chargers like a Zappi can send your excess solar into your EV. The problem is the other way around. CCS can't do bidirectional, they are working on it, it will be a year or two. CHAdeMO can do bidirectional, but the last time I looked, the inverter cost over €3k. My view is that people shouldn't be looking at DC at all for this, but at AC. No systems that I know of exist for this either

    Then there is the home grown systems. I have a pure sine wave inverter in the frunk of my EV, connected to the 12V aux battery of my car via a 50A fuse. My car is always awake (even when locked) and will never let the 12V battery go dead. This way, if there was a power cut, I could reel out a waterproof extension cord from the car into my home, plug in the essentials like fridge, tv, internet, phone chargers and some lights and with a full battery I could power my house like this for a few weeks

    I could also be cynical and charge up my car (for free), then charge up my power wall at home with this every few days, giving me near zero electricity consumption. But if I had a problem with my battery, it might not be covered by warranty if I did that :)

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    I have been looking for something similar i.e. removable EV battery or being able to use the EV battery at night after being charged all day

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    Why are the chademo connection so expensive?

    I did read about someone several years ago who diyed a power socket on their leaf. That might be the cheapest interface.