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A few question before Seasons 9 & 4

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    I finished Seasons 8 and 3 of the two shows a few days ago and cannot go to Google for answers to my questions because of spoilers. Two major deaths have have already been ruined for me by just reading random unconnected movie news where a writer couldn’t help but mention that the actors had left the show.

    Anyway first - Why does Daryl hate Dwight?

    As far as I can remember Dwight and his wife encounter Daryl while trying to escape from Negan and that meeting results in Dwight stealing the motorcycle and crossbow. I know Denise gets brought up a lot and that Daryl has a fondness for her but he barely knew her.

    Is that it? Dwight stole some stuff and killed a person he was becoming friends with?

    Second - How much time has passed since Rick woke up from his coma to the end of season 8? I’m guessing 6 years going by how Carl ages. When did Maggie get pregnant? I thought she had a bump when Glenn was still alive and that the bump is why Negan didn’t take to Sanctuary at the first encounter?

    Third - I know from asking here before that this is the point where the two shows crossover. The way it was phrased “The first cross over happens between the end of The Walking Dead S8 and the start of Fear S4” which seems to be saying that we do not get to actually see the first meeting of the characters but that season 4 of Fear opens with that group already set up in Georgia and that there is more than one crossover. So what is the best way to watch TWD9 and FtWD4 to enjoy these crossovers ? Do I alternate between episodes of each or watch Fear 4 first?

    To be honest I don’t know what to make of FtWD. I expected it to be about the collapse of society and to show an ordinary family struggle to survive but the would was gone in 6 episodes (having them quarantined felt like a cheat) and only Alicia & Travis were shown to struggle to adapt in a believe-able way. Madison descends into a survival mode that doesn’t. match up with who s season one shows her to be to be prior to the outbreak - her kids must survive at all costs so she understand decapitates but she has allowed Nick to wonder LA alone on drugs, allows him & Alicia to strike out on their own at the worst possible moments and allows the greatest threat (Troy - who also got Travis killed) to live when it makes perfect sense to kill him. The backstory about the father seems to be shoehorned in to make sense if she adapts so quickly. In Fear they wade in the blood but early in TWD the characters would be desperate to avoid contamination.

    Plus there are some moments in Fear where the Walker performers are clearly not as dedicated to the roles as those on the main show.

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