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Gas vs. C02 Pistol (FPS related)

  • 03-05-2020 6:24pm
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    Hey all,

    I'm putting in an order on Gunfire for some gear soon including a pistol. Looking at the KJW KP-05 Hi-Capa in particular - it can take both Gas and C02 mags.

    My questions are:
    Is there a risk that the C02 mags will be shooting too hot? The FPS on reviews seem to vary wildly, under 328 to 360ish in some cases, will Gunfire chrono it beforehand and not ship it if its above 1J?
    Are the cooler temps here usually an issue for Green gas pistols/rifles?

    I know there's a few different gases (the Nuprol black and similar) I can use if its a bit down on power anyway and the internals should be strong enough given it accepts higher pressured c02.