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Issue connecting to Marketplace / Realms

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    Hi all...

    Am figuring out Minecraft and Realms so my Daughter can plan Minecraft on my iPad Air 2 using Realms and invite her friend to play with her, without anyone else being able to join. That's my plan anyhow!

    One issue though, Minecraft on the iPad can't connect to Marketplace or Realms, it says they're not available. Some troubleshooting has shown that if I use my mobile as a hotspot, Realms and Marketplace are available, but connected to my Sky Broadband they're not. I've tried disabling the Firewall etc. on the Sky Broadband but it made no difference.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and have any suggestions/solutions?



  • To reply to my own post, I think I've got this sorted by downloading and using a free VPN on the iPad (Windscribe in what I tried). Don't know why it works with the VPN and doesn't work without it, but hopefully it'll behave itself now.