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Taiwangun Warranty service?

  • 30-04-2020 8:29am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 48 ✭✭✭ rboa98s165xzh3

    Hi folks,

    So I recently received an Army Armaments C02 pistol from Taiwangun. After a week, one mag now vents the entire c02 canister after maybe 10 shots, and the second mag I bought never fed the bbs reliably. Tawaingun initially told me to grind the mag that doesn't feed to fix the problem. I've said no, because then if it still doesn't work, I've voided the warranty. I'm now insisting on replacements as theses are new products that don't work.

    The helpdesk was not particularly helpful about this and I'm concerned that I'll end up shipping the mags back, at my own expense, to be told they're fine and have faulty mags sent back to me, or some such nonsense.

    Has anyone had interaction with Taiwangun over warranty and how did it go ?