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Commission Piece

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    Don't know if I'm posting this in the right place or not.

    Would graphic designers ever take on private commission pieces or do they generally only do work for businesses?

    Probably a bit silly, but I've drawn a picture on paper that I'd like to have a digital version of. But I want it to be crisp and defined with clear, thick lines, and be symmetrical etc. Basically things an amateur like me can't do. I want to make some art pieces out of it once done (not for sale or anything, my own personal use) so I'd really want a couple of PNG versions (ie. transparent background) of it that don't lose quality when you resize. Is that a realistic request? Sounds like something that would be easy enough for someone who knows what they are doing, but again I have no idea. What would a ballpark cost for that be?

    Apologies if not the right place for this request. I'm sure I come across as a bit clueless :o


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    I don't see any reason why a designer wouldn't do a private piece. It's all business. If you have a designer in mind just reach out and ask, and even if they can't or won't help they might be able to pass you on to someone who can. Depending on how complicated your drawing is, it might be an illustrator you are looking for.

    As for the cost, it varies massively. Some charge per project, some by hour. If I'm charging hourly I charge €25 p/hr which would be on the lower end of the scale. Again it's best just to ask a designer you like.

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